Dear Zoin Community,


We have decided to relieve Joel (@ค๒ย7ภคкђt) from his role as our Server Admin.

The reason behind this is that Joel has decided to remove the team’s access to important digital assets (Website .io & .com, Facebook page, mail servers and github) and has chosen to no longer work together with the current Zoin Team.

As a solution, we have registered new assets and inform the community of the new official Zoin website (, emails ( and Github ( etc.. Please refrain from downloading anything from the old website and Github links as we cannot ensure the safety of those links.

Lastly, we have made sure that a situation like this can not happen again by enforcing an internal policy where there always has to be at least two people with access to any assets or accounts managed by the Zoin Team. Please note that all coin assets are safe.

Kind regards
The Zoin Team

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