The Community Marketing Project

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Dear Noir Community,

To increase the activity on our social media outlets, and to gain more awareness we have decided to offer a community marketing project, in which community members can help spread awareness about Noir while getting a bit of Noir in return.

How will it be managed?
– For every social media outlet, we’ll have a team, led by a team member.
– People on that team will be paid (at the end of the month) for each post/comment they make on their social media outlet which is conform to the post guidelines.
– Posts will be made by the normal account of the user.
– The team leader will tell the Noir team who made how many eligible posts at the end of the month.

Post guidelines:
– post should be about Noir
– only “initial” posts/comments are counted, not posts within a conversation
– Should either be informative or spark conversation
– Should have a certain length
– The posts should be made by normal accounts (no accounts which are just created for this purpose).

Media Outlets:
– Bitcointalk
– Twitter
– Facebook
– Instagram
– Telegram
– Reddit

1. Choose your media outlet (1 or more) from the above list.
2. Send a private message to NotAWiz4rd on Discord and apply for your chosen media outlet(s).
3. You will be assigned to the team leader of your media outlet(s).
4. Done!

Payment (at the end of each month):
– 1 NOR per post
– 50 NOR per month for team leaders (1 team leader per media outlet)

What does the team leader do?
The team leader of an outlet manages the people that post on that outlet.
He/She should make suggestions on topics to post about and is responsible for maintaining an average amount of posts on his social media outlet over time.
The team leader is also responsible for making sure the posts made are in line with the post guidelines.
At the end of the month, the team leader tells the team how many guideline-conformant posts were made by each member of his team (with proof if possible).

To prevent us paying the whole community for every post they make, the sizes of these teams will be very limited.


This Community Marketing Project is modelled after a suggestion from @KenuPanu on our Discord.

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