Dear Noir Community,

This is our first quarterly financial report. Because of this, this report does not include our finances from January, which were already shown in our first report of the year.

These are the expenses for Q1 2019 (that occured after the financial report of January 2019):

– 4000 NOR to exchange for BTC (TxId: 30e2b63936f7f63c1fba5d3ce4ed6a188729467890fa0f6e0da18ad196dd3164) on 11.2.2019
– 4000 NOR to exchange for BTC (TxId: cf4b39590f0af4f3d8589aa8a38d2374ffd98ac4fb55b38670d13911fd80274d) on 15.2.2019
– 0.025 BTC for listing and marketing bundle (payment 5/6) on 04.03.2019
– 520 NOR (rewards from one of our Masternodes that month) to Salvation Army Greece (TxId: 8a9fc45391a02947c24ff50bb6a16f5280ed5a8523a75168457f224654c6e3f1) on 04.03.2019
– 2176 NOR for account costs (TxId: 4e56df87ae94f16a571cd2d4d9357f0e6a767776d9e978a655a2bbae4411c1a3) on 04.03.2019
– 5772 NOR for server costs (TxId: 095326ab9f009923da58b8d063773e48fa9d3ae5bc95e633e5eb50fd0c31ee4c) on 04.03.2019
– 0.1 BTC for Graviex Listing (payment 1/2) on 08.03. 2019
– 3806 NOR for server costs (TxId: c1c66d6e2fe8bdbea42e724ac9f9df3364458f1b00ba5c90522cdb9068d15e81) on 31.03.2019
– 1480 NOR for account costs (TxId: 1b1202362cad3f49b55a1db57a0ff76b05bfdd273db2663c9d68866727cfc792) on 31.03.2019
– 282 NOR (rewards from one of our Masternodes that month) to Salvation Army Greece (TxId: 1183569b1bc0d937527dc30da3432ff3403b06c0c556522d17060574480e04a4) on 31.03.2019
– 0.025 BTC for listing and marketing bundle (payment 6/6) on 04.04.2019
– 0.002 BTC for Chainz Block Explorer Hosting 1 month on 04.04.2019
– 20000 NOR to exchange for BTC (TxId: 20c2a78c6572131c3dc6ca774bb4e721436e902368e90f9268744f42cbeadf37) on 06.04.2019

Our Masternodes:

Our remaining funds are as follows:
– About 178000 NOR (including 175k locked in Noirnodes)

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