Dear Noir Community,

As usual, we present to you our financial report of the last quarter. We have also set up the address where you can find an up-to date overview of our current Noir balances.
Unfortunately we are making losses every month at the current price.
If you have any questions (or suggestions) feel free to ask them on our Discord or via Twitter.

These are the expenses for Q2 2019:

– 20000 NOR to exchange for BTC (TxId: 4dbb1786a8620ad26e909e8ebd32b169f3cba83a21a4d22fdeccf1be6df02b7c, c7d4162c22d5002635ca189905d10d0f01b659a0e4792fcdc367fb4ba67614e8) on 07.04.2019
– 0.1 BTC for Graviex listing on 20.04.2019
– 275 NOR for internal ticket completion on 24.04.2019
– 1947 NOR for account costs on 01.05.2019
– 5058 NOR for server costs on 01.05.2019
– 138 NOR (rewards from one of our Masternodes that month) to Salvation Army Greece (TxId: dd1675ade206adf28ccaffffb460f94f5a2847861b160589824d19d438600530) on 03.05.2019
– 0.0079 BTC for Chainz Hosting 6 months on 14.05.2019
– 2866 NOR for server costs (TxId: 79ac588dcf1fe36318de0b1a555bce00d5e6ec1a928dcd0e9393d6d106e13e63) on 30.05.2019
– 1121 NOR for account costs (TxId: d404c35ca21ee29a4b9c07c2713917ec30ddb843e415914281ad6b28a1ddaa02) on 30.05.2019
– 171 NOR (rewards from one of our Masternodes that month) to Salvation Army Greece (TxId: 4d8d9b51f8fafd163f68a6210a6efff52e32663898ee55fd4e92de563a5b6f7d) on 30.05.2019
– 6991 NOR for server costs (TxId: ebba3bf904cc9139e72145f3ef2e6a1b71a1a5afac96e29c3d4286da42cbb662) on 30.06.2019
– 2662 NOR for account costs (TxId: 85c2c5ca00d605baa54b0707eee1cd1aabf9a9ccd9a93e139d0bc58cbcabd97b, fddbd7c0233b3694273a79d92b358dc07872ff7ae1acd7ec29cfe22880ae192a) on 30.06.2019
– 170 NOR (rewards from one of our Masternodes that month) to Salvation Army Greece (TxId: 119fa7b3e1e75afb697d574794d3e18ffedc5c82cf1f7b7e9ecb34a9e94788b5) on 30.06.2019


Our Masternodes:

Our remaining funds are as follows:
– About 149600 NOR (including 125k locked in Noirnodes)

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