Zoin/Noir history book released!

By 21 October 2018 No Comments

Dear Noir Community,

This cryptocurrency has come a long way since its inception in 2016.

As we do not want anyone to forget the history behind this coin, we have decided to release a book, displaying the history of this cryptocurrency from its beginning two years ago as Zoin until the rebrand to Noir just a few weeks ago – basically displaying the history of Zoin from its beginning to its end. We believe that now is the perfect point in time for this, as the rebrand to Noir is – speaking figuratively – not just another chapter in Zoins history, but rather a whole new story on its own – as well as the last chapter in Zoins history.

The book was written by experienced author Christopher P. Thompson, who has already written books for several other cryptocurrencies. It was designed so not only techy people will understand it. In our eyes, this is a great opportunity to bring Noirs history, as well as Noir itself, to people who have never heard of cryptocurrencies before, and who might rather read a book than a webpage.
With the book we also want to encourage you, our community, to dive deeper into the history of Noir.

You can buy the Zoin history book right now on Amazon:
Zoin Book
Zoin Book
Zoin Book

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