Last revision 13.05.2020

Table of contents

I. What is NOIR
II. Our Goal
III. Specifications
IV. Roadmap
V. Sigma Protocol
VI. Fund and Reports
VIII. Exchanges
VII. Wallets
IX. Partner
X. Links

I. What is NOIR

NOIR(NOR) is a decentralized cryptocurrency which seeks to provide a secure and private payment service for its users.
Being based on the proven cryptographictechnology of the Sigma protocol, NOIR offers anonymity and privacy to its users when desired.
In comparison to many other coins, NOIR is governed by it’s community and belongs to all who want to participate in shaping its future.
Today the NOIR Team consists of volunteers from the community who are offering their time, knowledge, experience and dedication to the development of NOIR.

II. Our goal

The goal is to turn NOIR into a currency for one’s daily payments.
Into a coin that is not only traded for speculative reasons, but a currency that enables people to buy products and services in a secure and – if desired – untraceable way.
One of the main goals is therefore to develop a wallet that integrates user democracy, privacy and security for both buyer and seller.
Our goal is to enable everyone to be a part of the future of this coin. Every person that has an interest in the currency (no matter how much or little of the currency that person actually owns) is therefore entitled to be a part of the decisionmaking process, and given an equal voice to that of every other person.

III. Specifications

Community Coin
No Premine, No ICO
Sigma Protocol Privacy
No max supply
Proof of Stake
Block reward is 2.2 Noir per block
(split into 0.66 for stakers, 1.1 Noir for Masternodes
and 0.44 for the Development fund)
Block time: 2.5 minutes
Noir has no block halving.

IV. Roadmap

Released on 09.06.2020

V. Sigma Protocol

The Sigma protocol enables direct anonymous transactions.
Either to anonymize ones funds or to make anonymous payments to third parties.
In comparison to the previously usedZerocoin protocol, with Sigma you can now mint and spend coins in any quantity.
The smallest available denomination is 0.1 and the biggest is 100, which can be bundled up to 500 anonymous NOIR into one spend transaction.

VI. Fund and Reports

The NOIR Team will release a financial report in every quarter to inform the community of it’s current financial state.
This means full transparency towards the community on the costs and funding of the project, but also the community’s participation on how theteam wants and/or can fund future development
The financial reports can be found on the official website and will offer updates and information on:

• The current balance of the development fund in NOR & BTC
• Cost of current and past projects

The Development Fund:
The first part of the fund was created with 12.5 NOR per Block between blocks 230250 and255250.
The second part of the Development Fund is filled with each block with the portion of 0.44 NOR per block.

Donation addresses:
NOR: ZL2juii5Y6z9Fnsd9Y1dRRvFC33CR9aDj8
BTC: 1GgeeiHyXhRiLQ56bjYWAc5i6v1UJAovZ3

VII. Wallets

Noir can currently be used with the following wallets.

You can find out wallets on as Core wallet with:

MAC OS 10.12 or above
Raspberry PI

as Electreum wallet with:

MAC OS 10.12 or above

as other wallet with:

Paper Wallet
Web Wallet

VIII. Exchanges

NOIR is currently working together with the following exchanges:

Further exchange inquiries are open

IX. Partner

NOIR is currently working together with the following partners:

X. Links: