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Progress Report August 2018

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Dear Zoin Community,

We have put together the progress report for the last month (including the last week of July). If you have any questions about individual points of the report, feel free to contact us on Discord (invite link: Discord).
Also take a look at our newest financial report (link: Financial Report).


Progress report:

Technical Development

  • Zerocoin protocol: The team has made really good progress on fixing all the Zerocoin bugs. We still have to fix some issues with the spend function, but we are quite optimistic that we can release a fully working Zerocoin protocol before the announced Q4 deadline.
  • Webwallet: The team has fully tested and released the webwallet, which is now perfectly working.
  • Android Wallet: Development is proceeding very smoothly and we are aiming for a release within Q4.
  • iOS Wallet: The team is looking for an iOS dev to work on the wallet. We are thinking about opening a bounty for it.
  • New core wallet: A new core wallet will be released within the next few days. The wallet will only contain our new domains and a minor bugfix (address copy bug).


We are still waiting for feedback from a lot of exchanges. So far we have been contacted by few top exchanges but the listing fees proposed by them are far above our budget.

Our short/medium term strategy will be to get Zoin listed on free exchanges with some potentiality for the future.

Mass Adoption/Usability

We have contacted Coinomi but the proposed fees were too high for our current budget.

New Domains

The following new domains have been created due to the malicious activities of our former server admin, Joel Yaquine. Below are the official Zoin domains:

New website:

New email:

New Github:        https:​//github.​com/official-zoin​

Discord Link:      https:​//discordapp.​com/invite/4WTD9GN​

New Facebook page: https:​//www.​facebook.​com/Zoin-1877130422352028/​

Official Zoin explorer: http:​//explorer.​official-zoin.​org/




The team is working on a marketing campaign based mainly on Youtube influencers and Twitter OGs. We are in contact with several people, but we will start marketing activities after the Zerocoin fix.


New Team Members

Since the last progress report, three additional team members have been added to the team:

  • Maarten (@mmartain) – working on organization and miscellaneous
  • Alain Martheze (@Alainite) – working on Marketing, Art and Social Media
  • Florian Hintermeier (@flo071) – working on Android Development as well as helping with development in general
  • Tom (@Nuvos) – working on community management and organization



  • All Zoin servers have been further secured to prevent any further hacking.
  • A Google Play Store Developer Account has been created for the Team to be used for the coming apps.
  • A group of people from the community has been established for testing activities.

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