Dear Noir Community,

To keep you informed, we have compiled a progress report of the fourth quarter of 2019.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask us on Discord, Telegram or Twitter.

In this quarter we have focused mainly on the POS switch, which has been completed in the last days of December.

Another one of our goals from the last progress report has been achieved: Noir has been listed on a new exchange, Finexbox.
The switch from PoW to PoS has also been

All the goals that have been achieved are summarized below:


  • Noir launched two twitter giveaways that increased the followers number by ~15%, on top of the 30% achieved in the previous quarter.
  • Noir has renewed the sponsorship of the ‘Cigars and Crypto’ podcast for another quarter.

Technical Development

Our main developer has been constantly working on the new blockchain consensus algorithm, POS. A testnet was launched in November and underwent rigorous testing for several weeks. The switch to mainnet POS was made at the end of December.


Noir has been listed on a new Exchange: Finexbox.

Below are all exchanges on which Noir is listed:


Noir has been added to MyStakingWallet! Check it out here:


Goals for Q1 2020

The main goals for the next quarter are:

  • Update to the latest Bitcoin Core version
  • Further increase of visibility by doing more twitter giveaways or similar activities

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