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Progress Report September/October 2018

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Dear Noir Community,

To keep you informed, we have compiled a progress report for the last two months (so including the rebrand).

 The biggest progress of these two months are the rebrand from Zoin to Noir together with the Zerocoin fix. Many other goals have been achieved and are summarised below:

Technical Development

  • Zerocoin protocol: bugs have been fixed, making Noir a real privacy coin again
  • Webwallet: is fully working and has been rebranded to Noir
  • Android Wallet: development is proceeding very smoothly and we are aiming for a release within Q4. Has been rebranded to Noir.
  • iOS Wallet: The team is looking for an iOS dev to work on the wallet. We are thinking about opening a bounty for it.
  • New core wallet: A new core wallet  has been released containing mainly the zerocoin fix, the rebrand to Noir and more seeds to allow for faster syncing.
  • Noir Pool: A brand new Noir Pool has been created. The pool fees will be used for the development and marketing of Noir.



With the rebrand to Noir, the main aim was to keep the support of the existing exchanges. So far Cryptopia, CoinExchange, Coinroom, NovaExchange and BarterDEX have supported the rebrand. Unfortunately Cryptobridge asked for a new listing fee and for this reason we have decided to leave this exchange (at least for now) and let Zoin be delisted there.

Our short/medium term strategy will be to get Noir listed on free exchanges with some potential for the future, especially DEXs, as our current budget doesn’t allow us to pay big listing fees.



  • A book displaying the history of Zoin from its inception until the rebrand to Noir has been published. We hope that this will attract people who are new to Cryptocurrency to Noir, as well as
  • Article and Advertising on Cryptoshib


New Team Members

Since the last progress report, three additional team members have been added to the team:

  • Florian (@ffuszthaler), working mainly on the Android wallet
  • Oscar (@Oscar) working on Public Relations and Marketing
  • Nina (@nina) as Social Media Manager
  • Mathias (@malt1), lead of Art/Graphics and Design




New Domains

All the Zoin domains have been rebranded to Noir ones. Below are the official Noir domains:







Telegram Announcements: 






Official Blockchain Explorer:

Unofficial Blockchain Explorer:!crypto


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