Team Meeting Summary October

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The Noir Team had a very successful meeting on the 29th of October.
To keep you up-to-date, we have decided to release parts of what was discussed as a liitle summary/todo list:

– create table with all assets and people on the team to keep an overview of who has access to which assets

– promote Zoin history book on social media more
– create promotional images (for Instagram, Facebook, etc.)
– work on a Merch shop
– prepare Marketing Plan for 2019
– prepare Giveaways to push Social Media accounts

– create ressources section on the website
– write guide for businesses on how to accept Noir

– upgrade to Bitcoin Core 0.17
– look into bulletproof protocol
– Paper Wallet Generator on Website -> priority down
– inspect existing voting code
– Instant payments for mobile apps -> priority up
– look into WordPress plugin
– replace “Noir as legal entity” with “Merch Shop”
– change Sigma Protocol implementation to more general “Improve Protocol”, so we can decide later what is the best addition
– no general redesign of the wallet

– What can be improved for using Noir as real payment? (look at real wallets, how we use wallets, and such) – think outside the box
– Research “Test Payments”/Test connections from one wallet to another
– Research how to improve usability of the wallet

Real Life Team Meeting:
– start planning a real life team meeting

– write guidelines for new bounties
– create bounties post/section

Community Marketing (suggestion from the community)
– create guidelines/a guide
– make a topic list for posts
– Discuss who manages team leaders

– try to have team meetings every two weeks


If you have any questions, please address them to us on Discord (invite link: https://discordapp.com/invite/J3qquSz).

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